The mysterious person sends Shu's group to a nearby village where they meet up with Jiro and Xie (who first appeared to them as a fruit vendor). Meanwhile at Nirvana, the White Guardians still experiment with their Brunacks on Black Shadows Type-Two with unsuccessful results. Back with Shu and Co., they tell Jiro and Xie what they know about the Investiture Beings. Jiro also informs them that Delphinium is working with the White Guardians and what the White Guardians has been up to recently. They also explain that they've been finding out more about the White Guardians and even interrogated a former member of Gran Kingdom. Meanwhile, General Logi and Matilda flashback to their close call with Lotarus as they view their new giant robots. As the sides of General Logi and Dr. Tarkovsky prepare for battle as the Investiture Beings each watch from a distance, Shu decides to get involved. 

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