Noi starts to tell everyone about the Investiture Beings' city. At the same time, the Investiture Being leader Rudolph sends Hildegard and Fagino to attack Shu. At the same time, soldiers of the White Guardians train with the Black Shadow Type-Three robots while their Brunacks charge up. When it is charged up, it is fired at the Black Shadow Type-Three robots who lose their shadowy forms. Hildegard and Fagino have arrived on the outskirts of the city. Legolas ends up evacuating the city while the others engage Hildegard and Fagino. Elsewhere, the White Guardians start with their ceremony. Shu, Marumaro, and Bouquet unleash their shadows. Conrad, Griz, and Daner face the two Investiture Beings in unarmed combat. Hildegard uses her wind abilities on them. Back at Nirvana, Primella starts to have visions at the ceremony. While Noi is working on the database, Bouquet and Hippopotamus merge with Blue Dragon while Hildegard and Fagino bring out their dragon forms in their Shadow form. As Hildegard has her dragon use its elasticity on Blue Dragon, Bouquet and Hippopotamus split from Blue Dragon. Hildegard and Fagino counter every move that is thrown at them and managed to take them down. They even managed to detect Bouquet's invisibility as they advance toward the ruins. After destroying the city, Hildegard and Fagino assume their dragon forms and escape. With the ruins also destroyed, Shu's group and Conrad's group go their separate ways. 

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