Description Edit

Acornivores are floating, green, Acorn-like monsters. They have a spiked cap and a long, purple tongue. When you fight them, the actual acorn comes off the cap but is still connected by a stem. The acorn also opens and looks like an elderflower, still with the long tounge.

Information Edit

Acornivores have 130 HP. When you approach a red acorn hanging on a dead tree, it will fall and you will either get treasure or an Acornivore. In monster fights with fat rats and acornivores, the fat rats will defeat an acornivore each with the attack acorn-gatherng. Acornivores have two special attacks: Acid breath and Eaten alive. Acid breath lowers you defence while eaten alive is... well... eating a character alive! The higher the characters level, the more likely the Acornivore will spit them out!

Location Edit

Forest of the dead

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