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The Amethyst Dragon is one of the five dragons that appears after you talk to the elder in Kelaso. It is purple, has three spikes at the end of its tail, looks like it has armor pating running down its neck to its tail, it has large legs with 3 toes, has small arms with 4 fingers, and has a large head with small red eyes and 2 horns curving forward.


The Amethyst Dragon is vunerabule to wind and physical attacks and has 25,000 HP. His 2 main attacks are Lightening of the Gods, which does damage and paralyses 1 target, and Lightening breath, which does damage to everyone. Ultimately, your characters should have 999 HP, the highest you can get, to defeat this boss.


World Map - Coastal Road. The dragon is located on the side of the coastal road where the rocks caved in near Talta Village.


  • The Amethyst Dragon has a name that would make people think it is an earth dragon or gem dragon since amethyst is a mineral, but it is actually a lightening dragon.

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