Following the vision of Primella, Dr. Tarkovsky leads Shu and the rest of the White Guardians to Z'Mey. At Z'Mey, Noi is researching the Mast Driver just as Bouquet, Marumaro, Kluke, and Andropov arrive. Shu also arrives with Primella as the conversation continues on Dr. Tarkovsky's airship. After the conversation, one of the soldiers enter and report that the Investiture Beings' winged creatures are heading their way. The White Guardians prepare their defenses against the winged creatures. As Conrad and Griz join the fight, the winged creatures overwhelm the White Guardians. Upon the shadows being unleashed, Bouquet and Hippopotamus merges with Saber Tiger while Noi merges with Blue Dragon. Kluke and Andropov defend the shuttle. Just then, some dragons emerge from the ground surrounding Z'Mey and start decimating the White Brigade soldiers. With help from Conrad and Griz, Shu and Blue Dragon destroy Spark Dragon. An Amethyst Dragon then seemingly kills Griz and Daner. As Shu starts to charge Amethyst Dragon, Conrad uses his sword to block the attack emitted from the arrival of Hildegard and Fagino. 

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