The Black Shadows are a group of robots from the Blue Dragon anime.


The robotic, shadow-wielding foot soldiers for Gran Kingdom. The Type-One Black Shadows were used by Lt. Dragnov in the attack upon Jibral.

The Type-Two Black Shadows were used by Lt. Dragnov when he fought Shu.

The Type-Three were given to Gilliam by Delphinium in his revenge on Zola. General Szabo used the Type-Three Black Shadows on Nene's Fortress with those Black Shadows modified with nanobot technology.

When General Logi seceeded from Gran Kingdom and formed Rosekstan, he used the Type-Four Black Shadows to establish Rosenkruez in a ruined town even gaining General Orehill and his army to his side.

As of this point, the Black Shadows are now in General Logi's possessions.

Blue Dragon Tenkai no Shichi RyuuEdit

Two years later, the Black Shadows are still used by Rosekstan and a resistance headed up by Legolas.

A seemingly-fifth model was also introduced that nearly resembled Type-Four.

Black Shadow TypesEdit

The Black Shadows each come in different types:

  • Black Shadow Type-One - Reddish-colored robots. They can summon their armored winged warrior shadows.
  • Black Shadow Type-Two - Green-colored robots. They can summon their armored winged warrior shadows with large horns. They are stronger than the ones summoned by the Black Shadow Type-One robots.
  • Black Shadow Type-Three - Shadows in robotic armor. They can pull laser-shooting swords from their shadowy bodies which can also constrict their opponents. They also have shadowy wings.
  • Black Shadow Type-Four - Humans in robotic armor. This version was created by General Logi. They can summon robotic birdman-like shadows.
  • Black Shadow Type-Five - Robotic versions of Black Shadow Type-Four.

Trivia Edit

It may be possible that the Black Shadows are named after Black Shadow from the series F-Zero.

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