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Blue Dragon Incomplete
Blue Dragon (ブルードラゴン) is the mascot Shadow, belonging to the main protagonist, Shu in the Blue Dragon video game franchise. He first obtains it in the early hours of the game and is astonished at its power. In the anime, Shu and Blue Dragon's relationship started off rocky due to its rampaging behaviour prior to its debut.


Blue Dragon's appearance physically is that of a very powerful and intimidating nature with his ripped arms and huge chest muscles, as well as the massive wings on his back. Like most other shadows, the dragon has a aesthetic accesory on its body, this one being gold rings around the horns.


Blue Dragon's Shadow
Unlike some other shadows, this one seems to be almost humorous in end of battle statistics, although it is the most brutal of them and has the most brutal animations for physical and spell attacks.

Shu is the first one to get back his shadow after Nene takes it. In fact, he may already have had a shadow before the Flying Fortress event. This is because he seems to have his instantly back just after Nene takes it.

It is the only shadow in the game to fully mimic its masters movements once he wins the battle.

The shadow has strangely different amounts of SP earned compared to others, even with the use of a Black Belt he seems to have a much higher rank than others by a considerable margin of 20 ranks if the player has a high level party.

The Shadow's corporeal form has him gain legs with two front toes and a back toe and a spiked tail, as well as green eyes. In this form, following Shu's movements as he normally does slashing at the enemy with two blades of energy from its claws forming a giant X in the ground. It then shoots a fireball at the center of the X causing massive damage to the opponent.


In Blue Dragon Plus, Blue Dragon's only class is the Magic Sword class, and its corporeal attack, exclusive to Shu (or an attack similar to it) named after the shadow itself like the other shadows, Blue Dragon, causes blue fire in the shape of itself to rise up then rain down blue and orange fireballs.

In Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow it appears for a short while in the beginning but then Shu loses the ability to use it just the other characters who orginally had a shadow. A new version of this shadow controlled by the player and every other previous player character assigned to it appears in this game too. This one's horns were straighter, had bracelets around its hands, and lacked the spades on its back compared to the original.


Blue dragon 3
Blue Dragon (Armored)
In the anime where shadows have personalities, Blue Dragon is a Shadow (originally a powerful dragon transformed into a shadow by a spell) that was admired, feared, and even worshipped as the embodiment of destruction, striking fear into both friend and foe alike. It is revealed by Killer Bat that he is a direct descendant of the first Darkness, and so he possesses power far greater than any mere shadow.

At the start of the anime Blue Dragon appears when Shu wants to protect his village from falling debris, but Shu is unable to control him. Blue Dragon is very violent, and is extremely cold, not caring about others but himself. At first he did not cooperate with Shu until their fight with Ivanov and Gustav when Shu managed to gain enough power to control him. He prefers not to take orders, but when given the personal chance for freedom he chose to stick with Shu, saying that he liked fighting alongside him. He was sealed away at the end of the first season to defeat the Demon Zola and stop the Darkness from spreading.

In the second season, Blue Dragon is reawakened by a being named Noi to save Bouquet from a red dragon named Mikhael. After learning the truth behind Mikhael's appearance, and after uncovering a plot by the Legion of Elite Species (a council of dragons which both Mikhael and Noi are members of) to eradicate the humans, Blue Dragon assists Shu and the others in saving humanity. Throughout the series, Blue Dragon is given the ability to temporarily merge with various characters in order to battle stronger opponents. He first merges with Bouquet and Hippo, giving him legs, and equipping him with plated armor, as well as a weapon on his right arm which doubles as both a sword and a blaster. He is later given the opportunity to merge with Noi, granting him taloned legs and heavy armorments on his head, chest, and forearms. In this form he also sees an increase in both speed and agility. Finally towards the season's end, after it is revealed by Noi that Shu and Blue Dragon must become one in order to defeat the Legion of Elite Species, the two successfully merge, assuming Blue Dragons "True Form".  This new-found power allows Blue Dragon to defeat the Legion of Elite Species with the energy from Shu and the others, and the series ends with Blue Dragon remaining with Shu.

Attacks (Anime)Edit

Blue Dragon (Noi) 2

Blue Dragon after combined with Noi

  • He emits yellow flame from his mouth and can inflict powerful punches.
  • Crushing Nail (Rusty Nail): Blue Dragon converts its claws into two blue swords made out of energy in both hands.
  • Fire Crisis: Blue Dragon emits a powerful blast of blue flame from his mouth which explodes upon impact.
  • He can expand the length of his wings to create a powerful force of wind by flapping them forward.
  • Blue Explosion: Blue Dragon emits a blast of blue flame from his mouth.
  • It is shown that Blue Dragon can shoot multiple balls of blue flame from his mouth at once.
  • When Shu and Blue Dragon were absorbed by darkness and after coming out of it, they gained a new level of power due to which Blue Dragon was able to create his colossal shadow from the power of darkness to counter demon Zola.
  • In the second season during the battle against Fagino when defending white brigade members, Blue Dragon emitted yellow coloured laser beam bullets from his mouth. Even though Fagino was in his dragon form still it injured him.
Blue Dragon Powered Down

True Blue Dragon Powered Down

When Blue Dragon was reawakened by Noi, Blue Dragon gained new powers after being fused with other Shadows or dragons.

  • Blue Flare Evolution: (when combined with Hippopotamus) He first ejects a small spear tip short sword like weapon from his right arm and then from it fires a whitish blue gust of energy.
  • Blue Dragon can shoot blue energy bullets from the sword.
  • The sword can be used to pierce shields if enough energy is provided to it.
  • Shining Blue Burst: (when combined with Noi) Blue Dragon concentrates blue energy in his leg and does a claw-like attack by instantly slashing through his opponent.
  • It is shown that after combining with Noi Blue Dragon can produce force field which act as a shield.
  • Infinite Blue Burst: (when combined with Noi) Blue Dragon emits an orb of blue energy from the gold diamond in his chest, holds the orb and releases the energy by firing a powerful blaster beam.

True Dragon FormEdit

Blue Dragon

After Noi grants Shu the ability to combine with Blue Dragon, he gains a full dragon form without any kind of armor on him. He has three horns in his head, four appendages in neck area and two appendages under his jaws and horn like appendages from neck to tail and a spike at the tip of his tail. Because he has grown legs he has talons to inflict powerful kicks. He can now fire a blue flame of powerful blast from his mouth which is so lethal that it not just overpowered Fagino's flame blast, but also completely destroyed him. It is shown that he can use his tail in close combat to thrash his enemy. He has retained his ability to convert his claws into two blue swords made out of energy in both hands. When he concentrated his power on his fists creating blue lights on them, he was easily able to destroy the clones of Rudolph without any trouble.


Also he can engulf his fists with blue energy to do a blaster punch and when given enough power can release the energy to do a kind of blue flare cannon strike attack which is Blue Dragon's most powerful attack to be known. It is to be noted that when he releases his energy in his true form, the sky and the surrounding will turn blue though it was shown only once when Blue Dragon was summoned by Shu when Noi awakened him. Also it might be possible that Blue Dragon may able to create a forcefield around him just like the Investiture Beings.

His unique ability is that he can enter overdrive when a huge surge of power is generated by Shu causing Blue Dragon to push his limits and obtain a tremendous amount of power that boosts all of his abilities to extreme levels giving him the name known as Heavenly Dragon. This ability is activated when Shu wants to protect someone when he doesn't have enough power. The mechanism behind overdrive is combination between light and darkness which in Blue Dragon's case is combined power of Shu's will to protect others and Blue Dragon's courage to take on any powerful foe. When Shu becomes weak Blue Dragon's body absorbes him due to which they become immobile and Blue Dragons body turns black.

Also it was shown in the end that Blue Dragon can now summon himself at will without Shu's help.

Fact Edit

  • It's been said in True Hyper Sonic Vs True Blue Dragon Poll that Blue Dragon's True Form can blow up a planet.
  • In the First Season and Tenkai No Schichi Ryuu Blue Dragon is more like Sonic The Hedgehog (Sonic Universe).

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