Rules & GuidelinesEdit

Hello and welcome to Blue Dragon wiki, a wiki devoted to Blue Dragon. The site is a wiki which means that anyone can edit any unprotected pages. The site aims to be a brilliant resource for Blue Dragon and provide first class factual information. As such we must have a few rules to consider and follow whilst editing.


  • No Spam- This includes advertising or generally useless information that has no place in the wiki, if any is found it will be deleted.
  • No foul language- Rude or inappropriate language is not permitted on any of our pages.
  • Be neutral- Please refrain from using opinion in wiki pages, as the site is aimed at being a factual database. Opinion is more than welcome in guides though.

Those are the main rules for the website for now.

Editing GuidelinesEdit

There is not really much to put in this section that has not already been covered in the rules section. Though I shall reiterate that the site is not to be opinionated and that it is intended to provide a factual resource base. Opinions are more than welcome in your own guides though as stated above.

Messia 20:50, 15 May 2008 (UTC)