Things aren't looking good for the allied forces, as Shu/Blue Dragon escapes the dragon palace with Primella safe and sheltered by Dr. Tarkovsky and General Szabo. Rudolph reengages with Shu/Blue Dragon and match blow to blow until Rudolph uses his intangibility and multiple attacks to push Shu/Blue Dragon into a corner. With Primella's help, Shu/Blue Dragon destroys the duplicates and collides its maximum punch towards Rudolph. With Shu/Blue Dragon's final attack filled with all of Earth's hopes including Shu's allies; Conrad, Griz, and Daner (who turned out to be alive), Shu/Blue Dragon defeats Rudolph, resulting in an giant explosion that destroys the Kaizerswerth cable and all of the wyverns. Noi rescues Shu as he and Blue Dragon separates falls to the ground exhausted. Noi was nominated to be the next chairman by Hildegard and Lotaless for his efforts and understanding of humans the most. Noi bids farewell to Shu and his friends as he, Hildegard and Lotaless return to resume their duties in the skies. Shu, Marumaro, and Bouquet return to Nirvana where everyone awaits, as Primella rewards them honorary medals for bringing peace to the world.. 

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