When Fagino attacks, Noi gives Shu the ability to merge with Blue Dragon to form a full version of Blue Dragon. However, something happens causing Blue Dragon to not be able to move. Bouquet and Hippopotamus merge with Saber Tiger to defend him from Fagino. Shu manages to get control of it just as Marumaro and the Bouquet/Saber Tiger are defeated. Upon taking a beating from the Shu/Blue Dragon, Fagino assumes his dragon form and fights back. When Blue Dragon gets the upper hand, Fagino unleashes energies and quickly punches Blue Dragon. When Fagino and the Shu/Blue Dragon's attacks collide, Blue Dragon's attack goes through and destroys Fagino. News of Fagino's destruction reaches the other Investiture Beings. As Shu is recovering from the experience, Rudolph broadcasts a transmission throughout his realm where it revealed what happened with Lotarus' encounter with Noi back at the Investiture Beings ruins. 

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