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Compost Poo Snakes are another variation of the Poo Snake. They're green in colour with leaves stuck to them, and their gloves and boots are purple. Instead of a spear, they wield a shorter staff allowing them to use magic.

Information Edit

They're another very easy enemy in the game, especially since they accidentally kill themselves a lot! These snakes are vulnerable to both physical and magical attacks. In return, they have 2 other attacks: Summon Allies, where they are allowed to invite other Poo Snakes to the fight, and Flare, the magical spell which usually only turns on them. They have 55 HP.

Level: 9

Type: Monster

Encyclopedia Entry Edit

Monsters created when leaves and grass stick to a poo snake. Maybe the Poo Snake was a little more lax than usual? Often damage themselves with their own Flare.

Location Edit

These monsters can be located on the World Map - Gul Highlands.

Variations Edit

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