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Blue Dragon's corporeal form

Corporeal is a term used when a Shadow is given physical form, unleashing its true power to perform a devastating attack.


Corporeal is the ultimate attack of the Shadows, in which the Shadow Wielder and the shadow separate. This allows shadows to gain physical bodies of their own to unleash their full power. Respectively, each character has there own unique Corporeal attack, all of which involves their shadows rising to the sky, gaining a full body and, with their Shadow Wielder, executing powerful damage dealing attacks by mirroring their wielder's movements. Once the attack is over, the shadow goes back to its wielder and the wielder gains MP equal to the amount of damage dealt to the opponent.

In order to use a corporeal attack in battle, the Tension bar above the character's name has to be filled and flashing. The bar raises as you attack, are attacked or if an ally is KO'd in battle. In subsequent games after the original, Corporeal took different forms, gained through level-up instead.

In the original Xbox 360 game, Corporeal is first obtained after Shu, Kluke, Jiro and Marumaro lose the ability to use their shadows and magic but regain them after driving themselves to help the people being terrorized by Nene. After battling dark purple copies of their shadows, they are able to use these attacks. Zola obtained hers without losing her shadow when she was separated from the others.


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