Arriving to Coreed, Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi ask Homeron the Original to help them in locating Jiro, but learn that he has retired and recommends one more skilled than he is. Upon learning the triangular pattern as part of Homeron the Original's riddle about someone inheriting Homeron's wishes, they end up at the house of Xie (the girl that Homeron the Great was disguised as in an earlier encounter). Before getting down to business, she informs the group that Rosekstan's capital Albarose was destroyed throwing the world in chaos. Xie also mentions that the Red Dragon that Shu had encountered happens to be sighted whenever coup d'état, wars, and natural disasters are going to occur. She does managed to give them directions on where Jiro and Kluke are residing.

Meanwhile, Jiro has a run-in with Delphinium and Deathroy which ends with Delphinium escaping. When Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi arrive at Jiro's training hut. Jiro declines Noi's offer to regaining his shadow and rejoining Shu's group. Shu goes against Jiro to see what he has learned, when fighting Blue Dragon. After Jiro managed to knock down Shu, Jiro tells he was training hard in the last 2 years so that he can one day defeat Delphinium. Eavesdropping about Noi's abilities, Delphinium attacks and captures Bouquet. She uses her as a "trade card" to get Noi to reawaken Deathroy's shadow Chimera. Noi does so and preforms the Tosen Kyuden ability on Deathroy which reawakens Chimera. After the events, Jiro and Shu's party begins traveling in their different paths with Jiro in pursuit of Delphinium and reunite with Minotaur in later time. 

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