Arriving in a local town, Shu recalls about his attempts to Jiro and Kluke to help him. This causes Marumaro to become concern and Bouquet to feel neglected. Marumaro ends up encountering dancing sisters Donna and Reina. When Marumaro brings them to Shu to cheer him up, the sisters end up dancing with Shu and Noi until Bouquet arrives getting into an argument with Shu. The sisters break from Noi and end up sucking the life out of Shu and Bouquet. Donna and Reina then perform while sucking the life out of some of the townspeople. Marumaro ends up deciding to correct this problem and obtaining Noi's help. Donna and Reina recall when they used to be down and out until Mikhail arrived and gave them Dragon Scales to make them more beautiful. This also caused them to absorb the energy of jealous people. When Donna and Reina leave, Marumaro and Noi emerge from their hiding spots as Noi tells Marumaro that Donna and Reina have the crests of the Dragon Scale on their necks. Marumaro and Noi end up disguising themselves as one person so that Marumaro can use his shadow power to deactivate the Dragon Scales starting with Reina. It doesn't go well when their disguise eventually fails. Marumaro ends up enticed by their beauty until Noi ends up not showing off his jealousy. Donna and Reina end up attempting to entice Noi with their beauty making Marumaro jealous. When Donna and Reina end up trying to absorb Marumaro's jealousy energy, Noi ends up biting Reina. Using Saber Tiger, Marumaro ends up driving the Dragon Scales out of Donna and Reina. Once the Dragon Scales were destroyed, those that they have drained energy from were restored. As Shu starts to regain his energy, he finds out that the name of the girl that has been appearing in his dreams is Primella. He ends up waking up alongside Bouquet. With Donna and Reina still unconscious with Noi stating that they won't remember a thing, Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi take their leave. Shu finds out that Marumaro had been worried about him and Bouquet. Shu and Bouquet then end up in another argument revolving around what happened between him and Donna and Reina. 

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