The Egg of Light is an egg made by Jyum and Ganda in order to rule the world. It is shown in the game: Blue Dragon : Awakened Shadow.

Jyum and Ganda will tell the main character (which is you) that the Egg of Light is made by ancient scientists to gather people's shadows, and that power will be used to defeat Nene and his army, which is naturally a false statement.


The Egg of Light looks like a giant egg with blue vine-like designs. This Egg shines so bright. It is used to capture the shadows of every human on the planet.

In-game(Blue Dragon:Awakened Shadow)Edit

Your character should find the Sun Key and the Moon Key to open the door which Nene said was "a door which the chosen one should have both light and darkness". After entering it and going even further, you will eventually find a big door (which you entered when you were controlling both Jyum and Ganda at the beginning) and inside it are Jyum and Ganda bounded by electric ropes and is inside a cage made of thorns of light.Jyum and Ganda will tell you that the Egg of Light is used to beat Nene and his army.After beating the Egg, they will tell you to get stronger and return at the right time.

After getting stronger and beating the Egg the second time, it vanishes and they are free. After that, they will tell you that you were tricked and that the Egg is revived again by Ganda, and the Egg tries to suck your shadow, but fails when Nene helps you. A cutscene occurs and shows that Nene is defeated. After all that, the egg will be sucked in the main character's body.Before Ganda's death, he curses your character.

After you return to your room in Neo Jibral Castle, your character gets tired and falls asleep on bed. He will suddenly cry in pain, and Shu, Jiro, and Zola will go inside your room. After Kluke observes your character and says he doesn't wake up, Shu, Jiro and Zola will go to the new cube named Atomic Cube to find the Phoenix Egg that will revive your character. The Egg of Light inside your character will escape and will go on a rampage while your character is still "asleep".

The Egg of Light will form a new planet after beating the game, and its bosses are the Flower Lizard-like boss and the Omega Dragon.

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