While traveling through the desert, Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi come across a ghost town after a mirage incident. When Shu, Marumaro, and Noi find a girl they are attracted to, they get into a fight where Bouquet had to use Hippopotamus' shape-shifting ability to break it up. When Bouquet suddenly falls ill, Shu, Jiro, and Marumaro evade the ghost town's ghosts until they see a flying spider-like creature. They go after it on the back of Saber Tiger. When the giant spider causes a rockslide that brings to life rock monsters, Shu unleashes Blue Dragon who alongside Saber Tiger destroys the rock monsters. When Saber Tiger impales its abdomen with his attack, it unleashes a multicolored water that submerges them. While underwater, Shu notices a green plant and they head toward it while evading giant killer fish. They managed to make a hasty retreat to the surface. As Shu and Marumaro dive back in, Noi turns into his black dragon form and joins them. As Shu and Marumaro hold off the giant killer fish, Noi discovers that the green plant is alive. Blue Dragon manages to yank it out of the ground draining the water. They then end up back at where the scene of their mirage occurred in which it was all a dream. 

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