At Rosekstan, Primella has a vision of a three-way battle between the White Guardian, Shu, and Fagino and a vision where Lotarus kills Kluke in a flower field. Meanwhile, Shu and the Noi/Blue Dragon and Marumaro and the Bouquet/Saber Tiger are in combat with Hildegard. Hildegard then assumes his dragon form as the Noi/Blue Dragon goes after him. Though Hildegard gets away. At a Rosekstan base, General Logi thinks back to the battle against the White Guardians when Matilda enters telling Logi that Delphinium and Deathroy have surrendered to them. Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi arrive in a nearby town where they notice a factory. Back at Rosekstan's base, Delphinium is being interrogated by Captain Varenko. Meanwhile at Nirvana, Primella thinks about the vision she had and runs out of her room with General Szabo not far behind only to run into Vermillion. Shu and the others appear outside of the factory when the town leader arrives. He sicks some robots on them as Shu and Marumaro unleash their shadows. They defeat the robots and take the village leader hostage as they enter the factory. Upon entering, they discover slaves working on the furnace and robots. Shu and Marumaro free the slaves and shut down the factory. Minutes later, the slaves start fighting back against the robot soldiers. Shu manages to defeat some of them as Hildegard arrives. Hildegard unleashes her dragon in shadow form as Noi merges with Blue Dragon while Bouquet and Hippopotamus merge with Saber Tiger. During the battle, Rudolph instructs Hildegard to leave the area at once. Back at Nirvana, Vermillion learns of Primella's vision and decides to go with her and General Szabo seeking an opportunity to fight Shu again. 

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