Flamboyant Dinoram
Flamboyant Dinoram
Type Monster
Genus Lizard
Area(s) Found Lot Wilderness (West)
Steal Ancient Fossil
Loot 40 EXP
5 SP
180 G
Skills Mow Down
Kluke: "Look at the size of that thing!"
Jiro: "This is no time to ogle at it! We've got to fight it somehow..."
— Conversation at beginning of battle

The Flamboyant Dinoram is the first boss in Blue Dragon (excluding the fights with the Land Shark and Nene). It has 400-500 health. After fighting for a while Jiro will point out a weak spot on its eye that can only be hit with a wind spell. The Flamboyant Dinoram is hard to kill. As the only way to significantly injure it is by using Black Magic halfway through the fight. It heals often and can release devastating blows with its Mow Down attack.


Creature Compendium entryEdit

Though small, you should find it challenging. Watch out for its tail.


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