Having met up with Kluke, Bouquet and Marumaro work to prevent Primella's vision from coming true. Meanwhile, Noi researches the pyramid structure that just surfaced. Kluke finally learns about an attempt on her life as Lotarus arrives with some winged creatures. Shu and Primella meet up with General Szabo while General Logi's forces advance. Delphinium wakes up in a cottage and learns from the man who found her that Deathroy had kept her safe from Hildegard. Marumaro unleashes Saber Tiger to fight Lotarus while Bouquet gets Kluke to safety. Andropov arrives to help Marumaro. When Kluke and Bouquet end up in a flower field, Lotarus attacks Kluke. However, her attack missed Kluke and Lotarus departs with her attack force. Meanwhile, Shu, Primella, and General Szabo arrive at an area where the forces of Rosekstan and the White Guardians are going to fight each other. 

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