Gran Kingdom is a fictional kingdom in the Blue Dragon video game and anime. It is led by Nene.


Video GameEdit

In his plan for world domination, Nene formed Gran Kingdom and orchestrated various attacks like the Land Shark at Talta Village, the Devee sickness at Lago Village, a blizzard at Noluta Village, and manipulating the robots of Baroy Town. He and his army of Mecha Robos ran afoul of Shu, Kluke, Jiro, Marumaro, and Zola. Gran Kingdom was defeated when Nene was destroyed.


In the anime, Gran Kingdom was enhanced with soldiers and shadow wielders on Nene's side. While his army was out conquering the world, Nene rode in his Flying Fortress (referred to in the anime as the Galleon) and used the mechanism on his Fortress to uproot locations like Jibral and Raqueeva.

When it came to the Hippopotamus Ruins, Nene plotted to drop it upon Coreed (where Conrad L. Lawrence was meeting with some Knight Masters). This was thwarted when Blue Dragon redirected the falling ruins from Coreed. The final battle took place near Coreed. While Shu's group fought Nene on his Flying Fortress, Conrad and the Knight Masters fought the Black Shadow army. When Nene was defeated, his flying fortress crashed to the ground.

Due to Nene's destruction, most of Gran Kingdom's forces were reported to either be fleeing or even deserting. Some even joined up with General Logi when his group seceded from Gran Kingdom to form Rosekstan.

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