Recovering from the fall, Shu is informed by Jiro and Xie about the advancement in the war between the White Guardians and the forces of Rosekstan. Shu then realizes that the village Kluke is living in is right in the middle of the invading forces. Meanwhile, Kluke and Andropov notice one of the Resistance's airships arriving in the village. When they start attacking, Andropov unleashes Alubujem who uses a flash attack to enable his and Kluke's escape. Kluke and Andropov are then pursued by the airship which destroys their house. Riding on a recovered Saber Tiger, Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro and Noi arrive at the ruins of Kluke's house. They then encounter two of the children that Kluke has been educating who tell them everything that has happened. Kluke and Andropov are still on the run from the airship until they crash her hovercycle into a tree. The airship unleashes their armored warriors who bring out their artificial shadows to attack. Andropov unleashes Alubujem to defend himself and Kluke. With some of them defeated, things weren't looking good for Andropov when he gets exhausted. He still tries to defend Kluke even though he has reached his limit. When Andropov is knocked down, Kluke throws herself in front of him as Phoenix is unleashed. As the armored warriors charge toward Kluke and Phoenix, Shu and Blue Dragon arrive in the nick of time taking out some of the the resistance's shadow armours, forcing them to retreat. Upon learning of the current crisis, Kluke and Andropov join up with Shu. 

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