Mikhail leaves thereafter, before warning Shu that the fate of the world lies in the choices he and his friends make. Back with Logi's duel with the mysterious woman, she states that he was not qualified and in a flash sets Logi and Albarose ablaze. Watching from a distance were two tightly cloaked characters. Feeling the need to gather the previous partners being shadow users, Shu takes Bouquet and Noi to Marumaro's village to awaken Marumaro's shadow Saber Tiger. But starting out on a wrong foot sets Noi and Marumaro at each other's throats. To settle their differences Shu has Marumaro and Noi compete in different sporting events like arm wrestling, racing, and other events. When it comes to a card game, Noi wins and uses his Tousen Kyuden to awaken Saber Tiger. The Investiture Beings are in their meeting and have elected Shu as the World's Representative. Mikhail leaves to watch over Shu's progress. 

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