The investiture dragons

Season 2 antagonists, the Investiture Beings in Dragon From

The Investiture Beings (上位生命体, Joui Seimeitai), other wise known as the "Superior Life Forms" are the main antagonists of Blue Dragon: Trials of the 7 Shadows. They are ruled by a high council of 7 dragons with Rudolph, Mikhael, Hildegarde, Fagino, Rottarace, and Noi.

Only one seat remains empty, rumoured that Blue Dragon was once of the race, before becoming Shu's shadow in the present.


Historically known as residents of the skies by the ancients, they are actually mysterious alien beings who rule the earth before the Darkness. The dragons are their true forms, while they can also shapeshift to be shadow wielders with their shadows shaped as their dragon forms. They observed the earth for many millenniums, until the Darkness resurfaced and Shu and the other light warrior descendants resealed it. The high dragon council evaluated the events after 2 years taking the place in the Season 2 storyline, where they evaluate the 7 descendants, by reviving their shadows and performing trials to search for possible candidates for the surface world.

With Mikhael petrified and Rudolph and Fagino defeated by Shu/Blue Dragon, only Noi, Hildegarde and Rottarace are the only surviving dragons left. Noi was chosen to be the new chairman of the after the following events.

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