The Investiture Beings (also known as the Legion of Elite Species) are a group comprised of originally 6 incredibly powerful members who declared themselves as judges of various species who they decide are worthy of continued survival or complete destruction. In the anime, they first used trials on the humans both physically (mostly Mikhail) and mentally (mostly Rottarace).

Their appearance consist of 3 forms. Their "human" forms give them human shape, hence the name "human" form, but with Elven ears. They wear matching patterning clothing to signify their affiliation and a single eye insignia in the middle of their clothes. Their "human" form is their weakest form, but they are still capable of many powers including flying and attacking with blasts. They then can go into their "shadow wielder" form where they still have a human form, but are capable of summoning a shadow that resembles their true forms. Their final transformation is into that of their true (and most powerful) form, which is a dragon-like species, capable of great power. They usually transfer between forms in order to match their opponents or to completely crush them. However, in some cases, they have more forms.

They reside in a floating castle known as Castle Azure, where they discuss their goals and where they also cast votes on decisions, like whether humans should be kept alive and other sorts of issues. Part of the castle also resembles a justice scale and, once their votes are crossed, it tips depending on whether the votes were majority 'yay' or 'nay'.





Voiced by: Hitomi Nabatame (Japanese), Katie Leigh (English)

Noi has the distinction of being the first character viewers see in Trials of the Seven Dragons as he shown being chased by Mikhail. Despite being an Investiture Being, he has chosen to depart from the group and instead help Shu achieve his goals of defending Earth from destruction. It is shown he truly cared for the human world and humans. He didn't like the boredom up in the Castle Azure and decided to come to Earth and was made a traitor of the Legion of Elite Species. He last learned more about the human ways and thus, truly awoken himself, much earlier than expected. He is very good friends with Shu and the others after opening up about his true identity and is currently the new leader of the Legion of Elite Species as he knew most about humans out of the remaining members of the Legion of Elite Species, including himself, Rottarace, and Hildegard.

At first, has shown himself to be very arrogant, rude (referring to Bouquet as 'busty'), and demanding. During their early friendship, Shu had referred to Noi as 'annoying'. He was also very secretive refusing to tell his compatriots anything about himself and much more about the situation than he felt needed to. Eventually, he does open up to the group and found himself as a part of their group. He found himself with a deep connection with everyone of the group and as said before, later awoken his true form at a very early state. He is also very wise and comes up with most of the strategies and giving advice to Shu and the others.



Noi's true form

As the youngest member of the Investiture Beings, Noi doesn't have as much power as the rest of the Legion of Elite Species. Despite this, he has a smart brain with many smart tactics.

Furthermore, one of his abilities is, similar to Bouquet, the ability the merge with another shadow. His merging partner is Shu and their merger has been shown to be a great enough to reasonably take on Mikhail as they give him a wound in their battle. They first merge when they were fighting against Mikhail in his "dragon" form and were greatly out matched. Noi who was touched by Shu's bravery, managed to merge with him.

He also knows a spell that can give back the shadows to their shadow wielder as well as the other members of the Legion of Elite Species.

However, it is clear his strongest asset is in supporting the others in their fight as Noi is incapable of fighting himself. His true form is that of a baby gray dragon with limited powers, albeit he is capable of taking on humans and machines.

It is not until the last two or three episodes that he is truly awoken as he didn't want it to be over just yet as they were about to be destroyed by Rudolph. Although it wasn't enough at the end, this form allowed much stronger attacks, physically and with power blasts.




Voiced by: Kousuke Toriumi (Japanese), Wally Wingert (English)

Mikhail is the first major villain in Trials of the Seven Dragons and viewers first see him chasing Noi through the sky attempting to execute him presumably for deserting the Investiture Beings.

He is the one who originally designated Shu as the primary person to be put through the trials determined by the Investiture Beings and it seems that he, along with fellow member Rottarace, were the primary members to instigate trials and determine how well the human species passes them. However after being hit with the White Guardian's "Big Turtle" and was injured by Blue Dragon and Shu, so he was quickly overcome with anger at the humans. He was later healed at a bascilla that Shu and other went to, battle them again for the final time before fleeing to the Castle Azure. On episode 30, he was ended when he was punished for going down to the human world without permission and was frozen into a statue as the Great Divide was created from Rudolph's power. He is shown yelling at Rudloph to please forgive him and stop the attack This wall is destroyed to kill humankind in the end and his body was also gone.

Mikhail has been shown to be highly arrogant, but his arrogance is also his crippling feature. He is prone to desiring vengeance for offenses (perceived or otherwise) and also has a tendency to 'prove' his superiority by intentionally playing around with his opponents and refusing to take them with any degree of seriousness. Once his superiority is tested, however, he is quickly overcome with anger.



Mikhail's true form

Mikhail has been shown to be very powerful and is impervious to most attacks initially. Even Blue Dragon was only capable of fighting him up to a point and was only able to overcome his base form after merging with Bouquet, even when Mikhail was in his "shadow wielder' form. However, in Mikhail's true form, Blue Dragon was only capable of fighting him on an even field after a much more powerful merger with Noi and was injured.

His attacks have been shown to have incredible destructive force with his fireball capable of exploding in a large area. He has also been shown to be capable of telepathic attacks, great speed (exceeding even Saber Tiger), and excellent defenses. Frequently, Shu and his friends expressed doubts about their ability to defeat Mikhail.




Voiced by: Megumi Toyoguchi (Japanese), Stephanie Sheh (English)

Rottarace is, along with Mikhail, the primary member to perform trials against Shu in the beginning of Trials of the Seven Dragons.

She is much more calm and collected than Mikhail and seems to be capable of seeing deeper into a species than their superficial surface. As a result of her personality, though, she takes on a much more personal level of trials.

Rottarace's trials often involved probing questions as opposed to altercations. She also formed a bond with Bouquet and gave her a trial too, except in the form of repeating dreams in which she tries to extract various emotions from her trying to see her deepest desires.

In the end, she and Noi ends up being the only Investiture Beings to support the survival of the human race, though she initially did not support it (as she felt she did not have enough information to make an inform decision). She goes so far as to opposed the decision for destruction by intentionally holding back her attacks and causing trouble to herself for her actions.



Rottarace's true form

Rottarace has been shown to be less inclined to use force than Mikhail, but she is clearly a powerful being capable of great destructive force. She has also shown the ability to use shields and display great speed similar to Mikhail. Although when her abilities were tested against Hildegard, she managed to lose from the extra head of Hildegard.

At one point, angered by Logi's decision to use violence, she used her power to completely annihilate the city of Albarose in a large explosion and she was only in her "human" form. However, the usage of such power is rare in her case, and she far more often uses defensive techniques, such as ending out shadows to distract her opponents as she makes a getaway, or to run away with her great speed.

She even had her own army of minion dragon creatures that fought for her when she was attacked by Delphinium and the White Guardians.




Voiced by: Wataru Takagi (Japanese)

Forgino, along with Hildegard, works to put trials on Shu in the latter portion of Trials of the Seven Dragons, but largely remains inactive preferring to leave the work to others as he doesn't really care about humans unless about eating food.

He is shown to be greatly gluttunous with a love for virtually any types of food. Frequently, he is famished and, when presented with food, would eat quickly without regard as to how he appears to others.

His intense gluttony is a source of weakness as the White Guardians eventually utilizes it to trap him, but his power proves to be great enough to overcome this weakness. Curiously, despite his love of food to the point it could be a weakness, he has also been shown to be extremely picky. At one point, he is introduced to several high quality restaurants but he ultimately ends up being disappointed with all of them.

If not for his love of food, it is entirely possible Forgino would not care one way or another about the trials. He has been shown to be largely uncaring of the fate of humans. Most of the trials he had set out were largely trials he did on a whim without real regards as to how Shu performs. When the decision had been put to vote whether to destroy humanity or not, he ultimately chose to abstain from any decision.

However, he met his end when he was clearly out matched, even in his true form, as he was beaten with ease by Blue Dragon in "his' "dragon" form.



Forgino's true form

Like his comrades, Forgino have displayed incredible power and a wide range of techniiques, but most of them have to do with his mouth as the trap on his mouth was his downfall for awhile, until he broke out. He usually shoots pellets of pink blasts or a pink beam out of his mouth.

In his first appearance to Shu, Forgino with Hildegard made a promise that they would not destroy Laibach under the condition that Shu and his friends could touch them before the reach the door of Buoyla. Despite the seeming ease of the condition, they ultimately lost the contest.

Forgino's strenght and speed proved to outclass that of two knight masters, Blue Dragon (merged with Bouquet) and Saber Tiger, Daner, and even Bouquet's invisibility. Forgino and Hildegard were able to dodge or dispel all attacks with ease while casually walking towards the Buoyla's door. Once they reached the door, the two performs a massive attack that wipes out Laibach.

Forgino has also shown different abilities including the ability to create clones of Shu and his friends using scarecrows as a base, shapeshift his body according to his needs, and regenerate lost limbs, using the ability of the dragon scale like the other members of the Legion of Elite Species, but he uses them more in the anime. He also shown the ability to break out of a magical trap (using sheer physical strength) specifically designed to keep his mouth shut to prevent him from performing his attacks.




Voiced by: Yuya Uchida (Japanese male) and Masumi Asano (Japanese female), Ben Diskin (English male) and Wendee Lee (English female)

Hildegard, along with Forgino, works to put trials on Shu in the latter portion of Trials of the Seven Dragons, but similar to their partner, remains mostly inactive.

Hildegard is comprised of two halves -- one being male and the other being female. In their base form, they appear as a normal human being, but they have two personalities and can switch being the two at will with the only difference being a masculine and feminine voice.

The male half seems to be largely serious while the female half is more playful, but both seems to be dedicated Legion members willing to follow all rules and decisions regardless of what it entails. Hildegard proves this by being willing to execute Rottarace upon discover of her actions while refusing to listen to reason. They again proves her dedication to the rules by refusing to help Rudolph in regards to their safety which is fully allowed by rules allowed to them.



Hildegard's true form

Aside from the sheer speed and power they have displayed with Forgino in their attack on Laibach, Hildegard has displayed the unique ability of elasticity.

They are fully capable of stretching their limbs or even their heads to incredible lengths and are fully capable of using attacks with them. At one point, Hildegard stretched out their heads and smashed them into a wall in a failed attempted attack, but the mistake seems to have little ill effect.

They also has the same ability as most of the other members of the Legion of Elite Species to fire green beams through their mouth.

Hildegard have also shown the capability to deliver an attack by surging energy through their limbs and electrocuting the victim. This attack was shown prominently during their fight with Rottarace.




Voiced by: Rikiya Koyama (Japanese)

Rudolph was the leader of the Investiture Beings.

He has been shown to be calm and collected even under intense fighting situations and he often deals with issues that arises with a calm composure. When Mikhail lost control of his anger and set off on his own against the group's wishes, Rudolph called for a vote and then punished Mikhail accordingly.

When Rottarace's traitorous actions were revealed, he again called for a vote in order to punish her according to the rules. Furthermore, when Hildegard refuse to further offer help citing rules that allow them to do so, Rudolph reacted calmly and even agreed with them.

Despite his seeming composure and dedication to the rules of the group (to the point where he ignored Noi's pleads for reason), he has also shown to have ulterior motives and have been halting in actions in order to collect data he deemed important. He had allowed Shu to reach Castle Azure despite multiple opportunities to keep them away and he also allowed Forgino to be destroyed as a form of test to Blue Dragon's awakening power.

His actions and attitude have brought questions from numerous members as to his true motive and whether the trials for humanity had been rigged from the start, but Rudolph remained secretive and insists all his actions were within bounds of the rules they adhere to. And it was true that he had an ulterior motive that he wanted to destroy the humankind.

He was later destroyed on the last episode as Blue Dragon and Rudolph each clashed with huge beams and Blue Dragon used the power of his friends to destroy Rudolph.



Rudolph's true form

As the leader of the Investiture Beings, Rudolph has been shown to have immense power. Much greater than what has been seen from the other members.

It was he who ultimately punished Mikhail and Rudolph did so by utterly destroying Mikhail and simultaneously erecting a massive worldwide wall that was completely indestructable being unable to be dented even by Rosekstan's most powerful battleship, Yddgrasil.

In battle, he has been shown to have incredible power. In his "shadow wielder" form, he was able to easily defeat Blue Dragon (even in his ultimate form of being merged with Shu) while simultaneously taking on Saber Tiger (who had merged with Bouquet) and Noi (although Noi wasn't in his awakened true form). Watching the fight, Hildegard comments to an injured Rottarace that Rudolph was sure to win.

Despite his overwhelming power, Rudolph is unique to the other members in that he's the only one with a fourth form. The others have their human forms, shadow wielder forms and their dragon forms, but Rudolph outclasses them with a fourth form in which he controls a massive skeletal dragon that is built from the Castle Azure wielding an extremely high level of power that destroyed so much of the Rosekstan's air fleet, wiping out at most 75% of the fleet as there were 25% left after its assaults.

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