Continuing from last episode, Shu continues to engage with Rudolph in dragon form. Rudolph and the Shu/Blue Dragon are easily matched until Rudolph manages to strangle him. He repels Noi and the Bouquet/Saber Tiger. When Rudolph starts to finish off the Shu/Blue Dragon, Noi manages to aka, maturing his dragon form to adult-size. With this occurrence, Noi engages Rudolph being on par with battle strength. Right when Rudolph was about to finish off Noi, Noi was saved by Shu/Blue Dragon's attack from the given time to recover. Rudolph enters a portal the he created and the Shu/Blue Dragon follows him into it. The Shu/Blue Dragon follows Rudolph into an area where he uses a war machine to defeat the Shu/Blue Dragon. The Investiture Beings' castle transforms into large dragon-like war machine as his final form. As he fires off a large beam, they were saved by Pheonix's barrier. Just then, all the allied forces arrive as Shu's unconscious body is approached by Primella. 

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