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King Poo

King Poo is, as the name suggests, king of all the Poo Snakes.


It is found in the center of the Ancient Ruins after defeating the Corrosive Poo and attempting to leave the area. While it may not have the highest health of the game's superbosses, it possesses high defense and phenominally high attack power and speed, commonly using two actions during each of it's turns. Its speed can allow it to attack twice, almost assuredly killing a character who does not have the endure skill and max hp and mp. It can also charge and execute its Invitation to The Dark attack in the same turn. If the party's speed is not sufficient, it could even execute these attacks multiple times. Its King's Scare move can erase any buffs on the affected character and in addition inflict serious status ailments, such as paralyze or petrify. A piece of hp boosting Golden Poo can be stolen from it during the battle, in addition to two more peices that appear in chests after it is beaten, along with a third chest containing the autograph paper. According to it's bio, it also stinks to high heaven.

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