Lt. Dragnov is a character from the Blue Dragon anime.



Lt. Dragnov

Lt. Dragnov is a lieutenant in Gran Kingdom's army and leader of the Black Shadow Mobile Troops. He was first seen leading a Gran Kingdom fleet for a sea attack upon Jibral. Though he befriended Shu later on, Lt. Dragnov shows no restraint on fighting him honorably. It was that idea that got him sniped by Schneider during his battle with Shu, after Lt. Dragnov blocked Schneider from ambushing Shu. As he lay dying, Lt. Dragnov told Shu not to be sad, because death was something all warriors knowingly face.


Lt. Dragnov's shadow is Berserker, a monstrous warrior who


wields two axes.


  • Burst Blaze: shoots a blast of fire from its twin axes.

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