Fagino arrives in a nearby village and uses his Dragon Scales to turn four scarecrows into fat clones of Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi. At the same time, Shu and the others are travelling to that village when Marumaro starts to develop a crush on a local lady. Upon arrival, the villagers start to fear them and hide in their houses. Vegetables soon start flying out of their houses towards them causing them to run. Bouquet unleashes Hippopotamus and uses his ability to disguise herself as the lady from before to find out what is going on. Their fat counterparts soon attack again demanding vegetables. Shu and the others watch this as the fat Shu summons a fat version of Blue Dragon which causes the villagers to flee into their houses and throw vegetables from the window toward them. Shu and Marumaro unleash Blue Dragon and Saber Tiger to knock them down. This does not fare well with the villagers, who flee into their houses. Shu and the others confront their fat counterparts who then assault them, but they capture the lady. When Shu and the others find them, they threaten to barbecue Shu's Blue Dragon. Bouquet and Hippopotamus merge with Blue Dragon and destroy the fat Saber Tiger and fat Blue Dragon while Saber Tiger uses his attack to destroy the fat clones, turning them back to scarecrows. After seeing the Dragon Scale emerge and break, Noi concludes that Fagino was behind this. Marumaro frees the lady only to discover that she is actually a Dragon Scale that came from Lota. Shu and his friends are then approached by a mysterious robed person. 

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