Marutora is one of Marumaro's younger brothers that can use a Shadow. Unlike Marumaro, Marutora can speak properly just like Marumaro's other siblings. He is the one in green shorts.

Xbox 360 Edit

Marutora along with Marumaro's other younger and brothers and sisters. When the Devees of Lago Village are cured, he teaches Shu and the gang a magic word that will make their mothers like them more.

Blue Dragon Plus Edit

In Blue Dragon Plus, Marutora snuck onto the Land Shark with his sister Marumira and Sahlia. He meets up with Marumaro and Zola after triggering a trap. He and Marumira are seperated from Sahlia and he later "falls in love" with Zola just like Marumaro.


His shadow is Kraken, a tentacled dolphin that can use Support Magic.


  • In the episode 51 of Blue Dragon Tenkai no Shichi Ryuu Marutora appears in Marumaro's villlage behind Daner and Griz.

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