Matilda in Blue Dragon

is a character introduced in Blue Dragon Trials of the Seven Shadows. She serves as a captain in Rosekstan Army. Her home was in Albarose city which was also Rosekstan's headquater before destroyed by Lotarus.


Matilda is an orange-haired woman who served as second-in-command to General Logi. When it came to Lotarus' attack on Rosekstan's capital, she used her shadow to get General Logi out of there. When Delphinium and Deathroy infiltrated General Logi's hideout, she used her shadow to teleport Delphinium out of the base and briefly engaged her before teleporting away. When Matilda planned on using the Sleipnir's laser cannon on the wall Rudolph brought up, which would end up destroying a nearby village, Shu ended up fighting her and managed to use the Noi/Blue Dragon's ability to block the attack which overloaded Sleipnir's cannon. Matilda later operated Sleipnir during the final battle with Rudolph.


Matilda's shadow is Zephyrus, a monstrous swordsman with the ability to teleport and emit laser beams from its sword.

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