Mecha Robo Shells are a type of part in the Blue Dragon Series, but they seem to appear in the DS game only.


Mainly you Think these Dont Exist...WRONG!!! you first need to Defeat the Mecha Plant Mission to Get Access To Shells. These Bad Boys Let you Use Any Mecha Robo you Feel Like Using! To get them Though, You need to do "Minimal Damage" To a Mecha Robo, So that Means you Cant hit em with their Weakness or else you Risk of the Shell Breaking. But you cant Get Some Shells as Shown Below.

Shells you CANT get.Edit

  • Terra Robot
  • Venti Robot
  • Neptune Robot
  • Vulcan Robot
  • Chaos Lord
  • Aqua Dragon
  • Sentinel
  • Silent Ku
  • Raging Kesu
  • Heat-Wave Sai
  • Turbulent Mai
  • Grand Szabo
  • Ultimate Szabo

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