Shu heads out to the wetlands at the edge of Logic. Meanwhile, Jiro is attacked by the sea shore by some soldiers in white and fends them off when a man named Vermillion shows up telling them to fall back as Jiro is not a shadow wielder. Moments later, Delphinium and Deathroy approach the soldiers' camp to look for Dr. Tarkovsky. After 2 days of waiting all spot a cloud that's not moving with the wind like other do. They were pursuing it till it landed on mountains, where the clash with Mikhail begins. Meanwhile, Jiro follows the caravan of the soldiers in white until Delphinium appears. Mikhail gains the advantage with his red dragon shadow against Shu. After a long fight, Shu fuses with Bouquet and Mikhail crumbles to dust. However, it appeared that the Mikhail was another Dragon Scale clone, when the real Mikhail appears. 

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