The Mighty Quartet (メカ四天王) are the Gran Kingdom's quartet of robots commanded by General Szabo in the Blue Dragon series.


  • Silent Ku (沈黙のクウ): A cowboy/gunman-like robot who wields laser guns. His upgraded form is called Grand Silent Ku. He is called Double Blaster Ku in the English dub of the anime.
  • Turbulent Mai (波乱のマイ): A spinning-top-like robot that throws swords. His upgraded form is Grand Turbulent Mai. He is called Knife Armed Mai in the English dub of the anime.
  • Raging Kesu (怒涛のケス): A witch-like robot that wields two longswords. He can cast negativity spells. His upgraded form is Grand Raging Kesu, but now has wings. He is called Flashing Bladed Kesu in the English dub of the anime.
  • Heat-Wave Sai (熱波のサイ): A large, round, floating orange robot who attacks with mines. His upgraded form is Grand Heat-Wave Sai and has more spikes on his head and back. He is called Rocket Bomber Sai in the English dub of the anime.

Blue Dragon Edit

General Szabo awakens them when the heroes attack the flying fortress, and the party fights and destroys them one-by-one throughout the dungeon. Later on, they are revived along with their master with enhancements and fight the party all at once before fighting Szabo again. In the Cauldron Chamber of the Primitive Cube, their parts are used to create the body of "Ultimate Szabo".

While Szabo's body makes up the head, Silent Ku forms the torso, Heat Wave Sai forms the leg area (with some leg parts added), Raging Kesu forms the left arm, and Turbulent Mai forms the right arm. Even in this form, they are no match for the player's party.

Blue Dragon Plus Edit

They later pop up in "Blue Dragon Plus" when General Szabo ends up under an evil control.

Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow Edit

They make their return during a mid-game mission in the main story. Szabo, having seen the beauty of life, tries to convince them to change sides. They refuse, seeing only purpose in destruction and fuse with Destroy to become Demon King Destroy.

Anime Edit

General Szabo unleashes them to attack Jiro and Minotaur. During the second attack, they merge with General Szabo to form "Ultimate Szabo." They are eventually destroyed by Jiro and Minotaur.

The combination for "Ultimate Szabo" is different with Rapid-Bomber Sai in the middle, Knife-Armed Mai at the bottom, and Flashing-Bladed Kesu and Double-Blaster Ku as arms.

Trivia Edit