The Minotaur {ミノタウロス} is Jiro's shadow. He is voiced by Kouji Ochiai in the original Japanese episodes, and his english voice is done by Kirk Thornton.


In the Xbox 360 game, Minotaur is a user of white magic. He can heal his allies and cure them of status effects. These same healing abilities appeared in Blue Dragon Plus. In Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow, Minotaur looked slightly different from his original design. In this game, he looked more bull like, now having hooves instead of hands didn't have an abdomen and oxen like lumps on his back.

In the animeEdit

Minotaur is one of the wiser shadows, knowing when Jiro has reached his limit. He always chides Jiro for using more energy than required (even though he fails doing so), but always takes an opponent seriously. He even expresses a calm demeanor when fighting a new opponent. However he is not shown as much in the anime during the second season as Jiro is relying more on his warrior skills and his swordsmanship.

Attacks: (Anime)Edit

  • Waves of Rage: Minotaur fills his hands with turquiose coloured electricity and lashes out a barrage of punches with lightning speed.
  • Sky Terror: Minotaur converts his horns into lighting bolts made out of energy which can easily pierce through solid objects like steel discharging sparks.
  • Concor: Minotaur releases turquiose coloured electricity from his horns.
  • Electric Wave: After reawakening, when Jiro generates electromagnetic waves Minotaur absorbs lightning from clouds, focuses it on his hands to create orb like green energy and lashes them on the ground to release an explosive surge of energy that can inflict devastating damage by charging it towards the direction of the opponent in the form of a gust of energy.
  • Down Stone: An attack in combination with Minotaur where when Alubujem uses Rock Bombs which glows when Minotaur empowers them by punching them rapidly and strikes at the opponent which increases its piercing power and explodes.

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