Noi reveals himself to be one of the 'Investiture Beings', but keeps it from Shu and the others to keep their trust. The battle with Shu and Mikhail rages on again with Mikhail unleashing his Red Dragon shadow even when Marumaro and Saber Tiger throw themselves in front of Mikhail's attack. Mikhail reveals his true form as the Red Dragon itself. Meanwhile, Lotarus notices the soldiers in white approaching. The warriors Vermillion and Furioso watch the fight recapping about Primella's prediction of Albarose' destruction when Dr. Tarkovsky appears identifying the Red Dragon as Mikhail as their tri-barrel technological weapons get positioned. Mikhail ends up overpowering Blue Dragon in fusion form. Shu refuses to give up when Mikhail starts attacking Noi for breaking the rules of the Investiture Beings. Then Noi transforms into his black dragon form, revealing himself in front of Shu and initiates the forbidden fusion with Blue Dragon to gain a new dragonite form and evening the odds with Mikhail. During the fight, the soldiers in white step in firing a tri-barrel weapon called the Brunack causing Mikhail to flee. The soldiers corner Shu and co. as Vermillion introduces them as the "White Brigade" and stated that their mission were absolute destructions of all shadows. 

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