General Logi & Odin

Following Valkyrie's defeat at the hands of Blue Dragon, General Logi sacrficed her (at her request) to summon an Egyptian-themed shadow called Odin, who is revealed to be his real shadow. While hinted at first, it is not specifically told until later, that by having a 'real' shadow Logi is the real decendant of the warriors of light and not Zola.


Odin's appearance in the anime is that of an gold armored humanoid shadow, with a dull purple mantle. He weilds a large spear embedded with a turquoise jewel and two smaller protrusions on the sides (resembling a Partisan) with a dark blue/grey tassel to symbolise high rank. Frequently Odin was shown to compete with Blue Dragon in season 1. Also he has combated against numerous shadow monsters. When fighting Killer Bat in the realm of darkness he was defeated quickly alongside others but later freed from darkness by Shu and Blue Dragon, who helped in sealing it. In season 2 he was awakened by Rottarace but was easily defeated by her. He also battled Hildegard though was not prepared to challenge them but when protecting Shu in Zmey was able to match blows with both Fagino and Hildegard's shadow. In the final showdown between humans and Investiture Beings Odin battled dragons and winged creatures send by Rudolph, with other shadows who gave their energy to True Blue Dragon in defeating Rudolph.


Odin is a skilled warrior and is on equal par with Blue Dragon in a fight until Shu was co

Odin with his Gungnir spear

nsumed by darkness and that is when Blue Dragon became greatly stronger than all other shadows easily surpassing them.

Sigrid Rifa: He has a powerful blast attack that he fires by rapidly spinning his spear infront of him which causes great damage.

Gungnir Rising: He fires a yellow charged lightning beam from his spear's tip.

Lightning Rain: When Odin rotates his spear at the top of his head at an angle towards his enemy can fire large elongated golden energy beam bullets rapidly.

It is also shown that Odin can stop an attack by rotating his spear and hurl it back by hitting it with the spear.

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