Primella (referred to in the English version as Puri Mura) is a character appearing in the second season of the Blue Dragon anime as a member of the White Guardians and the "granddaughter" of it's leader Dr. Tarkovsky.


Primella resides among the White Guardians in the city of Nirvana where she is revered and protected as the White Guardians' Oracle due to her ability to see the future.

She is constantly surrounded by numerous guards in addition to having a personal attendant in the form of a rebuilt General Szabo and the leader of the White Guardians, Vermillion, as her protector. This need for intense security surrounding her is due to her being central to the White Guardians' belief in altering destiny through foreknowledge.

Large, spiritual assemblies are held for her to reveal the future to them and the White Guardians plan their military battles and their actions largely through what she says. They even reconsider military strategic maneuveurs if she demands as such.

Part in StoryEdit

Primella was actually created by Dr. Tarkovsky from the energy that was the goodness within Zola before it cast out of her body by Killer Bat. Because of her origins, Primella's ability to see into the future is used by Dr. Tarkovsky. Dr. Tarkovsky also hired General Szabo to be her caretaker after he was salvaged and rebuilt. She first became known to Shu when she contacted him in his dreams. They finally met in person in Nirvana.

When it came to her latest vision revolving around Shu and the White Brigade fighting Fagino and Lotarus killing Kluke in a flower field, she and General Szabo persuaded Vermillion to accompany them to where Shu is. Following Vermillion's destruction, she and General Szabo traveled with Shu while Noi, Bouquet, and Marumaro went to see to their own missions. Upon reuniting with the White Guardians, she was able to persuade her "grandfather" to call a truce with both Shu and Rosekstan. During the fight with Rudolph, Shu learned the truth about Primella, and that she was going to release the energy in her body so that it would destroy the investure beings at the cost of her own life, but Shu did not alow this and stopped her from doing it. When the Shu/Blue Dragon emerged for Round 2 against Rudolph, it gave Primella to Dr. Tarkovsky. Following Rudolph's destruction, she gave medals to Shu, Bouquet, and Marumaro.