Pungent Poo Snakes are another variant of the Poo Snake but look extremely similar to the Compost Poo Snake. Similarly, these monsters wear purple gloves and boots and hold a staff shorter than a spear.

Information Edit

These monsters are just as weak as the Compost Poo Snakes really, as in they're vulnerable to both physical and magical attacks. However, unlike the other snakes, the Pungent Poo Snake uses it's staff to cast support magic spells. These include: Quick (obviously making themselves attack quicker), Attack Up (making their attacks stronger) and Deflect (lowering your accuracy when attacking them). They're still pretty easy to defeat though, as they only have 65 HP

Level: 13

Type: Monster

Encyclopedia EntryEdit

These Poo Snakes just barely escaped alive after being taken by a Shrike Cockatrice to make its nest. They smell even worse than normal because of the bird poo mixed in.

Location Edit

These poos can be found in the Mural Valley - West.

Variations Edit

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