When Rosekstan's troops trap some of the wyverns, Matilda uses Sleipnir's laser cannon to eliminate them only to turn out to be decoys. As Jiro and Xie are held prisoners in Rosekstan's dungeon, General Logi and his troops fight off Hildegard and the wyverns. Jiro and Xie managed to escape while General Logi and Hildegard unleash their shadows. Jiro manages to pilot one of the Sleipnirs with ease and joins the battle, persuading Hildegarde to make the battle a game, with the victor declaring the other side to back off. General Logi and the armored troops try to take Hildegard down with a powerful attack, but no avail. Hildegard destroys Jiro's Sleipnir, resorting into a sword fight with Hildegard, but was too quick for him. Seeing to add a bit more favour to the oppoing side, Hildegard reawakens Jiro's Minotaur. With Xie wounded for covering him, Jiro unleashes Minotaur once again to fight Hildegard and actually managing to throw Hildegard knocked off her feet. The battle ends with Jiro throwing Minotaur's strongest attack, forcing Hildegard to resume dragon form with damage beyond what he/she expected, and Hildegard keeping her word. Meanwhile in another location, Noi locates the temple amongst the cliffside. 

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