When Rudolph finds Lotarus guilty of what happened in her encounter with Noi, Lotarus is forced to fight Hildegard. When Lotarus manages to get Hildegard's elongated head, arms, and tail stuck, she is caught by surprise by the emergence of Hildegard's second head. When Hildegard frees himself/herself, Hildegard attacks Lotarus just as Shu arrives However, it was actually Bouquet in disguise as a diversion for Shu to have Blue Dragon attack Hildegard. Shu has Blue Dragon catch Lotarus and give her to Bouquet. Shu then engages Rudolph. After a brief talk, Shu and Rudolph unleash their shadows. Bouquet and Hippopotamus merge with Saber Tiger while Shu merges with Blue Dragon. As Primella starts to suddenly glow, Shu/Blue Dragon charges toward Rudolph. 

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