Voiced by: Megumi Toyoguchi (Japanese), Stephanie Sheh (English)

Rottarace is a member of the Legion of Elite Species and a supporting character in the Blue Dragon anime.


Of all of the members of the legion, Rottarace seems to be one of the most calm and collected. She often takes the time to stop and look at a situation logically, and can be seen scolding Mikhael for his reckless attitude. Despite this, she is also probably the most compassionate members of the Legion, forging a close friendship with Bouquet that causes her to doubt Rudolph's actions and ultimately turn against him.


Rottarace first appears when she attacks Rosekstan's capital to confront and judge General Logi as a candidate to be Earth's representitive. She awakens Logi's shadow and easily defeats him in battle, judging him unworthy to represent humanity. After that she wipes out entire Albarose city. She can also be seen briefly overlooking the house where Kluke is living with Andropov, apparently preparing to evaluate Kluke, but ultimately decides not to for unknown reasons.

Later on, Rottarace is sent by Rudolph to help Mikhael test Shu's group. She has a brief interaction wtih Mikhael before moving on her own and poising as an ordinary human in order to earn Bouquet's trust. She manages to befriend Bouquet, but is suprised when Bouquet turns down her offer of one free wish, claiming that she already has everything she wants. Rotta is then attacked by Shu, who was informed of her identity by Noi, and leaves, but also gains an interest in Bouqet. Later, she can be seen observing Shu's fight with Mikhael, though she does not intervene.

After this, while still following Rudolph's orders, Rottarace begins to act indpendently of the Legion. At the underground ruins she leaks valuable information to Noi, which proves helpful to Shu's group later on. She also delves into Bouquet's mind, hoping to learn more about her.

When the time comes for the Legion to vote on humanity's fate, Rotta is conflicted and unsure about which descision is right. She ultimately abstains from voting, allowing Rudolph and Hildegard to order the annihilation of humanity. Lota initially obeys Rudolph's orders and helps in the destruction of humanity, killing many people along with Hildegard and Fagino. Eventually, Rotta attempts to attack Kluke, but ends up fighting Bouquet, Andropov, and Marumaro, who were forewarned about Rotta's attack on Kluke by Primella's vision. Though she intially acts cold and indifferent towards Bouquet's pleas with her to stop, Rotta eventually spares Kluke's life for her friendship with Bouquet and ceases in aiding the rest of the Legion in destroying humanity.

After Shu's group infiltrates the Legion's base and Shu kills Fagino, Rudolph reveals that he has been aware of Rotta's betrayal and her leaking information to Noi, and puts her on trial for betraying the Legion. During the trial, Rotta finally openly admits that she believes humanity should be sapred, and even gets Rudolph to admit that he had no intention of giving humanity a fair chance from the start. Rotta also expressed her belief that the Legion has a lot to learn from humans, much to the anger of Rudolph and Hildegard. Rudolph finds Rotta guilty of treason and forces her to fight Hildegard. Though Rotta intially does well, she is caught off guard when Hildegard's second head emerges and is defeated. However, she is rescued by Shu and Bouquet before Hildegard can kill her, and is taken to safety before the final battle.

After Shu defeats Rudolph, Rottarace and Hildegard agree to make Noi their new leader. The three remaining members of the legion then leave, intending to learn more from humans through time.

Dragon FormEdit

Rottarace's dragon form is a thin necked white dragon. Unlike others her body is havi

Lotarus's True Form

ng snake like appearance with purple wings. Like other members of the Legion, she is capable of summoning her dragon form as a shadow. She seems to have some form of conrol over ice. When she releases her energy in her true form, the sky and the surrounding turns purple. She can create force field around her by creating a large purple dragon scale mark. She can fire a purple beam of powerful blast from her mouth which is very lethal and also she can fire purple laser rays from her eyes. She can also create two purple swords made out of energy in her two hands for combat. Her unique ability is that she can move at blinding speed which looks like as if she is teleporting.



While Rottarace initially got close to Bouquet only for the sake of following Rudolph's orders and testing humanity, she became intrigued by Bouquet's selflessness and kindness. Rottarace was clearly shown wanting to learn more about Bouquet and came to legitamately care for Bouquet as a friend. Indeed, the friendship became so strong that Rotta was willing to defy Rudolph's orders and spare Kluke's life. Rottarace's relationship with Bouquet was the sole cause of her growth as a character, ultimately leading her to turn against Rudolph and side with humanity toward the end of the series.


Little about Rottarace's relationship with Noi is revealed throughout the course of the series. However, Rottarace seems to be the only member of the Legion (at least prior to Rudolph's defeat) who seems to share, at least to some extent, Noi's respect for humanity and his view of them as equals rather than inferiors. By the end of the series, Rottarace clearly respects Noi, as she immediatly suggests him to be the new leader of the Legion.


Despite very little being known about Rottarace's relationship with Hildegard, it is possible that they were close given Hildegard's angry and seemingly hurt reaction to Rottarace's betrayal of the Legion. Despite any past relationship the two might have had, however, Hildegard shows no restraint in fighting Rotta on Rudolph's orders. However, the two clearly do not hold either's actions against each other, as they both willingly agree to work with each other again following Rudolph's defeat, and immediatly agree to make Noi the new leader of the legion.


At first, Rottarace, like other members of the Legion, obeys Rudolph's orders without question and serve him loyally. However, after she comes to terms with the fact that she does not agree with Rudolph's actions, she turns on the Legion and becomes his enemy.


  • She is one of only two members of the Legion, other than Noi, to have awakened someone's shadow. The other is Hildegard
  • She is very similar to Piccolo from Akira Toriayama's Dragon Ball series. Like Piccolo, she is an extremely intelligent character, who starts off as an antagonist, but switches sides after forging a close friendship with one of the main characters.

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