Sabre Tiger
Saber-Tiger (サーベルタイガー) (or Saber Tooth, Saber-tooth Tiger) is Marumaro's shadow in the Blue Dragon series. His in-game name is Saber Tooth.



Sabre Tiger combined with Bouquet and Hippo

In the game, its starter class is Monk. In his corporeal, he turns into a real saber tooth tiger and slashes his opponent many times. Saber Tiger is Dark-Blue like the rest of the shadows.

In the anime, he is a dark yellow/ yellowish-orange muscular shadow, with two white talons, and dark brown spiky hair down his back. He is the most agile of the 7 shadows of light, moving fast with great speed and capable of consecutive attacks.

In season 2, he gets revived by Noi, and obtains a new stealth mode from merging with Bouquet and Hippopotamus. In this form, Saber Tiger obtains a near perfect armored form with legs growing. He gains hook claws on his armguards and his speed is boosted to the point of near-lightning, disappearing in the blink of an eye of enemies.

Attacks Edit

  • Blitz Claw: Its palm is covered in a blue energy, then it slashes its target.
  • Sonic Scissors: His claws charge with lightning speed and he charges claws first at the opponent.
  • FireBall Attack: Saber Tiger can rapidly emit balls of fire from his mouth.

Trivia Edit