Sabre Tiger
Saber-Tiger (サーベルタイガー) (or Saber Tooth) is Marumaro's shadow in the Blue Dragon series. His in-game name is Saber Tooth.



Sabre Tiger combined with Bouquet and Hippo

In the game, its starter class is Monk. In his coporeal, he turns into a real saber tooth tiger and slashes his opponent many times. Saber Tiger is Dark-Blue like the rest of the shadows.

In the anime, he is an orange muscular shadow, with two white talons, dark brown spiky hair down his back. He is the most agile of the 7 shadows of light, moving fast with great speed and capable of consecutive attacks.

In season 2, he gets revived by Noi, and obtains a new stealth mode from merging with Bouquet and Hippopotamus. In this form, Saber Tiger obtains a near perfect armoured form with legs growing. He gains hook claws on his armguards and his speed is boosted to the point of near-lightning, disappearing in the blink of an eye of enemies.

Attacks Edit

  • Blitz Claw: Its palm is covered in a blue energy, then it slashes its target.
  • Sonic Scissors: His claws charge with lightning speed and he charges claws first at the opponent.
  • FireBall Attack: Saber Tiger can rapidly emit balls of fire from his mouth.

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