Salinas is a character exclusive to the Blue Dragon anime.




Salinas is a spy who works for Gran Kingdom. Delphinium had him infiltrate Jibral in a plot to obtain the Extra Seven from the Book of the Beginning. He used his shadow to cause 14 ghost-like pranks. Three of them occurred in Jibral's critical facilities like:
  • Turning the communication equipment upside down to cripple its function
  • Using up the reserve food in the storage facility to make it look like someone prepared a banquet
  • Decorating the outside of Jibral's Power Plant with flowers while destroying the equipment within.

Shu, Marumaro, and the guards confronted him at the armory. Shu and Marumaro unleash Blue Dragon and Saber Tiger to fight him. When Blue Dragon wanted to use his breath attack, Shu stopped Blue Dragon to keep him from doing the job for Salinas. Zola arrived and revealed the secrets behind the ghostly pranks. Shu and Marumaro defeat Salinas who is then remanded to the dungeon.

He is later interrogated as Lt. Dragnov's Black Shadow army attacks Jibral which is when he manages to make his escape. After he made off with the Extra Seven, he gave them to Delphinium who then killed Salinas in episode 8. His body is later found outside Jibral by the guards.





Jikonda's true form

Salinas' shadow is Jikonda, an armored noblewoman-resembling monster who posed as the ghost of a noblewoman. She attacks with an umbrella-like machine gun that emits laser beams. It also can emit blades and smokescreen from its dress. It is true form under that noblewoman-like armor is a mummified zombie-like creature.