During their search for Jiro, Shu runs across news of a small war about to happen between a Rosekstan sub fleet led by Captain Varenko and a small band of resistance led by Captain Crester (one of the surviving members of Grand Kingdom). The party continues forward anyway hoping not to get found, leading to the combination of Saber Tiger and Hippopotamus with the 'stealth mode'. During but a few moments, Crester's band of resistance were eliminated. It was then suddenly Micheal appears before Crester and grant him the power to call his own Wyvern-like shadow allowing him to devastate General Logi's sub fleet. Having found out that the shadow that Crester wields is different from the normal Shadows and the Artificial Shadows used by Grand Kingdom, Shu's party steps in to defeat Crester. After defeating Saber Tiger and Hippopotamus, Crester faces off against Shu and Blue Dragon. After Crester is defeated, Shu, Bouquet, and Marumaro learn about the 'Dragon scales' Mikhail handed out which can grant miraculous powers to the user. They then overhear one of the Rosekstan soldiers tell Captain Varenko that they lost contact with General Logi.

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