SSS (scything skull spider)

The Scything Skull-Spider is a creature from Blue Dragon.


The Scything Skull-Spider, Also called Skull Spider is a Mecha Robo Creature, This one has 2 Variations Of it, Gold and Iron.

In Blue Dragon Plus however, It is Called Skull Spider and only has One Version, it is found in the L.Cerebo, It is a Level 65 creature in Blue Dragon Plus. Its signature move is the Vital Blade Attack.

Attack StrategyEdit

The Strategy Here is to Quickly Kill this thing before it Kills You...

In Blue Dragon Plus However, being a One of a Kind Enemy (Not like the Gold Mecha Robo) It is going to be Strong...Just Hit it with all you got! It is weak to Shine, So Having someone with Shine is a good idea for this guy.

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