General Logi's base is attacked by White Guardians. Kluke, Marumaro, Bouquet, and Andropov unleash their shadows. Kluke has Andropov use Alubujem to locate Shu who is still fighting the White Guardian soldiers in his area. When the others catch up, Shu comes up with a plan. Noi assumes his dragon form and merges with Shu while Bouquet and Hippopotamus merge with Saber Tiger. General Logi unleashes his giant exo-suit soldiers to help fight the White Guardians. The White Guardians' air force starts to turn the tides against giant exo-suits. Delphinium and Deathroy continue their infiltration until they are teleported outside by Matilda and Zephyrus. Meanwhile at their floating city, the Investiture Beings discuss about the war between the White Guardians and the forces of Rosekstan. As the battle rages on, Kluke uses Phoenix's ability to teleport her, Marumaro and the Bouquet/Saber Tiger, and some White Guardian soldiers away from Shu and the Noi/Blue Dragon. Jiro and Xie arrive and join the battle. Meanwhile, Deathroy unleashes Chimera against Matilda and Zephyrus. Vermillion confronts Shu and the Noi/Blue Dragon and starts to attack. As White Guardian soldiers charge toward General Logi's hideout, they are attacked by General Logi and Odin. 

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