Talta Village is the original start for Blue Dragon Xbox game. It is home to three of the five protagonists of the game (Shu, Jiro and Kluke) and the start of their adventure.

The intro to blue dragon.

Main eventsEdit

The Land Shark Is ComingEdit

The beginning cutscene shows violet clouds swarm over the villiage, to which the villagers hurry to a platform high above the village. Fushira, Shu's grandfather, calls for his grandson, but with no reply he is forced to retreat to the balcony high above the village like everyone else.

This is the first time we see the Land Shark in action; as it destroys buildings with its fin

Shu devises a plan with Jiro to trap the Land Shark in a metal net, supported by wooden spikes and two relatively flimsy looking trees. He attacks the beast to gain its attention, however he finds his attacks doing little damage. Jiro shows him the Land Shark's weak spot. After a short lived battle Shu's sword breaks, and he falls to his knees. He then draws a dagger, which Jiro disapproves of, and the former rushes the beast.

Before he can be killed by the Land Shark, a rock is thrown from the bushes and knocks it off course. Kluke steps out and reveals it was her, and she helps them set up the trap. It breaks free, after the trees break, and the three grab onto a remainder of the net and are dragged out into the ancient ruins.

Residents of Talta villiageEdit

These are the residents after the point where you get your Mechat.

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