Kluke uses Phoenix's ability to teleport the group to General Logi's hideout. When Shu shouts for a meeting with General Logi, he manages to allow it since he noticed Andropov with them. While Shu and Co. are talking with General Logi, Delphinium and Deathroy infiltrate General Logi's hideout looking for info that will help the White Guardians. As Shu and General Logi continue their conversation, one of Logi's men enters informing them that the White Guardians is attacking the Rosekstan forces. General Logi and Matilda leave as Andropov goes after them. As Delphinium and Deathroy find a room with giant exo-suits, General Logi talks with Andropov where the General still supports Andropov when he feels bad about what happened to Schneider. Shu and Blue Dragon leave to help the forces of Rosekstan fight the forces of the White Guardians. Blue Dragon destroys their Brunacks upon arrival. Outside of General Logi's hideout, Noi notices the White Guardians forces approaching in large numbers. 

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