The Investiture Beings have a meeting where they discuss about what happened during the times of the Seven Soldiers of Light, the fight against Nene, when Zola went rogue, Mikhail's encounters with Shu, and Noi deserting the Investiture Beings. Outside of Lotarus' encounters with Bouquet, they discuss about battle between Rosekstan and the White Guardians and what Rudolph had to do to stop it. Fagino and Hildegard then bring up their encounters with Shu's group. After a talk revolving around Jiro, Kluke, the White Brigade's goals, and Rudolph's encounter with Shu, the scale-like mechanism they are floating over floats towards Rudolph. After that, Rudolph unleashes his winged creatures as the Investiture Beings lead them throughout the world as they are noticed by the White Guardians, Jiro and Xie, Kluke and Andropov, Legolas and Conrad's group, and even Shu's group as Rudolph's voice is heard. 

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