The battle between Rudolph and the Shu/Blue Dragon begins. Rudolph's shadow is matching blows with the Shu/Blue Dragon and nearly defeated Marumaro and the Bouquet/Saber Tiger. Rudolph starts to overwhelm the Shu/Blue Dragon. When Rudolph overwhelms the Shu/Blue Dragon sending him into a ditch with Primella and Dr. Tarkovsky falling after him. The attack also defeats Marumaro and the Bouquet/Hippopotamus. Noi even tries to consult with Rudolph about reconsidering the events. Primella continues to glow and makes contact with Shu mentioning how she was Zola's good side before Killer Bat separated her whole entity. After the talk, Shu/Blue Dragon rises to continue his fight with Rudolph. Noi assumes his dragon form and tries to fight Rudolph, but to no avail. Before Rudolph can finish Noi off, the Shu/Blue Dragon saves him. Bouquet re-merges with Saber Tiger to assist Shu in the fight with Rudolph. 

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